Looking for an online CPR class?

Looking for an online CPR class?

Online CPR training and certification? Are you sure? Beware of online-only CPR classes!

Every day, it seems like more and more totally online CPR classes are popping up on the Internet, capitalizing on unsuspecting people in search of “fast,” “easy” and “cheap” CPR certificates. You wouldn’t open your door to such strangers at home. And yet, every day, unsuspecting people open up their virtual doors to these unscrupulous people.

Don’t be fooled. Please! Learning CPR correctly takes time and it takes hands-on experience. It takes practice. It takes repetition. You simply can’t get that kind of experience by viewing a quick video. Bottom line is, you can’t get that kind of experience if you choose to take the fastest, easiest and cheapest route.

Seriously, if your goal is merely to get a worthless certificate that an employer will not likely honor, then by all means, fall for their scams. But if your goal is to actually get the experience you need to save a real human’s life, then take an in-person class.

Click here to read a public service announcement from the Health & Safety Institute and the National Safety Council. (The link will open in a new page, but this page will not close.)

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