Private instruction

In many jobs, certification is required in order to become or remained employed. To attain this certification, there are times when only one-on-one classes will do for a person:

  • when more individual attention is required (for a variety of personal reasons)
  • when regularly scheduled class times won’t work or aren’t soon enough for the person

At CPR-Twin Cities, you have the option to set up an American Red Cross class for just one person. Of course, like all private lessons, this comes at a price significantly higher than joining a group. And the requirements for passing the course are just as rigorous as a regular class.

As the time required to teach one person is not much less than teaching six people — or 12 people, for that matter — the only way we can afford to spend that much time with just one person is to charge at least the same as what it would cost for four people to take the class. So you’re paying extra for personal attention, as well as for training time in general.

If you’re interested, send us an email or give us a call at (651) 699-3333 for further information.