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If you had a choice, who would you like to do CPR on you?

If you went into cardiac arrest, who would you like to do CPR on you? Someone who took the time to take a thorough class, or someone who chose to take a quickie class — or an online class — that cuts corners? Be one of the “good guys.” Be one of the people who you’d like to try to …

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Looking for an online CPR class?

Online CPR training and certification? Are you sure? Beware of online-only CPR classes! Every day, it seems like more and more totally online CPR classes are popping up on the Internet, capitalizing on unsuspecting people in search of “fast,” “easy” and “cheap” CPR certificates. You wouldn’t open your door to such strangers at home. And yet, every day, unsuspecting people open up their virtual doors …

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No excuses, wear your seatbelt!

Intelligence vs. Common Sense: They Don’t Necessarily Go Hand in Hand Two quite brilliant people have died recently in similar car crashes. CBS News and 60 Minutes correspondent, Bob Simon, and mathematician (and subject of the film, “A Beautiful Mind”), John Nash, both died while riding in the back seat of a taxi. While they were truly brilliant people, neither of …

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