training options for groups

Not everyone has the same needs. So at CPR-Twin Cities, we have many great class options. And we specialize in bringing classes to groups in the Minneapolis-St. Paul (Twin Cities) area:

(If you’re looking for a class just for yourself, click here.)

CPR-Twin Cities is a proud provider of CPR, AED and First Aid classes, training and certification. We offer the following outstanding CPR/AED and First Aid classes, based on American Heart Association guidelines. Our classes are suitable for anyone in the general (non-health care worker) community looking for two-year certification):

We also offer the following faster, easier and cheaper options (for people not caring about certification, but still wanting a basic knowledge of what to do in case of an emergency):

If you’d like more detailed information about our classes, check out our Class Descriptions page. If you have questions about the differences between these options, send us a note via our Contact link.

Due to COVID-19, our for-certification classes are conducted primarily, but not entirely, online. For those wanting/needing a certificate of completion in CPR/AED and/or First Aid, a multiple-choice quiz will be administered online after watching the videos. There is also a very short (because of coronavirus concerns) in-person part of our classes that is required, in order for you to practice certain skills and develop muscle-memory (which is critical to being ready in a real emergency). All of this together helps to ensure that we maintain the highest quality standards during the pandemic.

Rest assured, at CPR-Twin Cities, we are hyper-vigilant in sanitizing and disinfecting our equipment (just like we are during “normal” times … except even more so now)!

The in-person portion of our training is held at your location (workplace, school, home, place of worship, etc.). During COVID-19, everyone (students and the instructor) will be required to wear a mask throughout the class. Please note that you may go through all of our videos without any in-person, hands-on practice at all, if you prefer. But, if you choose that option, you will not receive certification.


In choosing CPR-Twin Cities, you are choosing to have a highly experienced instructor. We don’t use rookies … ever!

And — unlike some other CPR/AED and First Aid training providers — our class sizes are kept intentionally small. So, in choosing CPR-Twin Cities, you are choosing to get the personal attention you need and deserve.

I have taken many CPR/First Aid classes … and yours was by far the best.”

You also have the option of taking our classes as an individual, without forming a group. The pricing for an individual is generally about $5 higher than the published group price. But if you have a few friends, etc., joining you, the price becomes the same as the group price. Use our Contact form to let us know you have a small group.

With so many options, yes, it can get confusing. If unclear about which class to choose, please read the class descriptions page before scheduling a class, or contact us and we’ll do our best to help you decide.


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