qualifications to take a CPR recertification class /CPR review class / CPR renewal class / CPR refresher class

To take a recertification class (also known as a review class, a renewal class or a refresher class), you must qualify. To quality for CPR recertification, you must have successfully completed the same CPR-Twin Cities class, or the equivalent American Red Cross or American Heart Association class, or a higher-level class from one of those three organizations. And you must have passed that class no more than two years before the review class date. Except for a 30-day grace period, there are no exceptions to this rule.

Please look at your previous certificate and confirm that you are qualified to take a recertification class. If you don’t qualify, please sign up for an initial certification class instead. If you don’t have proof that you qualify — or if you’ve accidentally signed up for the wrong course — please let us know right away and we’ll help you get you registered the correct course.