Hosting a class in the convenience of your workplace or the comfort of your own home is easy

People are extremely busy … and getting busier. It’s hard find time to get away to take a class. So, at CPR-Twin Cities, we make it simple by coming to you.

The requirements for hosting your own class are pretty simple. Whether you want a class to be held in your workplace or your own home, all you really need to provide is a safe, clean, smoke-free training space, with seating for everyone involved, and preferably with carpeting (as we spend a lot of time on the floor in CPR classes).

Host-Provided Video Requirements

Other than a simple room and floor, to host a class you need to provide video equipment for a PowerPoint presentation (an HDMI-equipped big screen TV or projector and screen). Nothing really elaborate.

For in-person classes, watched with a group, you will need to provide:

  • a reliable, high-speed WiFi connection.
  • a large screen TV or projector/screen (with an HDMI port, in either case), for viewing a PowerPoint presentation.

For online classes, watched with a group, you will need:

  • a computer, with a reliable, high-speed WiFi connection.
  • a large screen TV or projector/screen, for viewing a PowerPoint presentation.

For online classes, watched alone, you will need:

  • a reliable, high-speed WiFi connection.
  • a computer or, at minimum, a tablet (like an iPad® or its Android equivalent), for viewing a PowerPoint presentation. (To be perfectly clear, a mobile phone screen is too small to be able read the slides and view the demonstrations clearly.

Minimum and Maximum Numbers of Students Per Class

In order to justify bringing a class to you, we require a minimum number of students. And we place a maximum number of students for each class, to make sure that everyone gets the attention they need and desire.

Different classes have different minimums and maximums. You’ll find those minimums and maximums when you click on one of the links below.

Contact Us to Book a Class for Your Group

Booking and Paying for a Class

Once a date is chosen, and a number of students is determined, a letter-of-agreement will be emailed to you. To confirm your class, the agreement needs to be signed and returned, along with your payment (in full). Payment may be made by check or through PayPal (using either a PayPal account or any major credit card, with a 3% surcharge).

If unsure about the number of students who will be attending, you can pick a number as low as six as your minimum for the agreement, and then add more later (but no less than two days before class, so we have time to prepare). The price of those additional students is slightly higher ($5 per person). Payment for any additional students is due on the day of class.


Our per-student pricing for this class is already discounted for groups. In addition, there is a 10% discount off that discounted price if you:

  • book and pay for training for at least 25 students (in more than one class session, to maintain the per-class maximum); or
  • book and pay for your class at least 60 days in advance.

Since short-notice classes are more complicated to coordinate, there is a 10% surcharge on classes scheduled and paid for less than 10 days in advance, and a 20% surcharge on classes scheduled and paid for less than five days in advance.


While delivery is free for most classes held in Minneapolis, St. Paul and their first-ring suburbs, there is a minimum delivery charge of $50 per session for classes held beyond the first ring of suburbs. Due to time- and labor-intensive logistical factors in high-density areas, there is a $100 delivery charge for CPR classes held in downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul. (Discounts and surcharges have no effect on the delivery fee.)

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Classes with Full CPR-Twin Cities Certification:

Faster, Easier and Cheaper Non-Certification Options:

If unclear about which class to choose, please read the class descriptions page before scheduling a class, or contact us and we’ll do our best to help you decide.